Dark Shadows


“Oh, Barnabus! Wherefore art thou, Johnny Depp? Chaos, confusion and irritation best describe this forced gothic nightmare, based on the vampire soap opera from 1966. One minute you are terrified. The next, you are laughing and then again, terrified. Finally with a crashing thud, as you watch thundering waves dash onto the cliffs, you realize you are bored. You feel emotionally manipulated, because you have been by the juxtaposition of comedy and drama yanking your chain.”

So begins a review of the movie Dark Shadows which I saw last night.While I am not as cruel as this reviewer  I did find it rather long and drawn out. It is a two hour movie and I found the first hour was very slow moving and talky with a few lively parts thrown in here and there to keep it moving along. The second hour picks up and has a lot more characterization and action.

The film is b ased on the old TV series from the 60’s and stars Johnny Depp as Barnabus Collins who was everyone’s favorite vampire at the time .I was never a fan of the TV show, but remember all the hoopla and publicity surrounding it at the time. My roomate in college at the time told me how his brother had a whole Dark Shadows room at home.

The story concerns Barnabus Collins  who comes from a wealthy family in the 1700’s and is turned into a vampire by a sexy witch named Angelique who lusts for him but can’t have him because of his love for another.She curses him by turning him into a vampire and puts him in a coffin and buried  where he is awakened 200 years later in 1972 by a construction crew who digs up his coffin.

He is taken in by the family who now owns his mansion, the head played by Michele Pfeiffer. Like I said,the second hour picks up especially with Angelique returning as a super hot,sexy witch after Barnabus again and the two get intoa knock down,drag out, wall bashing, flame inducing battle. There is even a cameo by rock singer Alice Cooper whose band is hired to play at a ball at the mansion.

This is the eighth collaboration between Johnny Depp and his friend /director Tim Burton. On a recent Jimmy Kimmel Live show,Jimmy Kimmel asked Johnny Depp if he ever watches any of his movies.When Johnny said he didn’t. Jimmy replied,”Well I guess youn ever see any of your friend’s Tim  Burton’s movies because your in all of them.” Johnny just laughed. 😀



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I'm a politically conservative person, happily married to a wonderful wife. I enjoy hearing other opinions and sharing my thoughts with others so feel free to respond to any of my blogs here.. I also enjoy goood movies especially sci-fi and westerns of the 30's to sixities. I also enjoy c&w music and oldies from the 50's and 60's and anything nostalgic
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