Ronnie Spector in Concert-Beyond the Beehive


I’vej ust returned from seeing RonnieSpector of the famed Ronettes in concert and I must say it was a combination of being interesting, different and disappointing all in one. I’ve seen Ron nie in person twice before performing with other groups and this is the first time I’ve seen her solo. The name of the concert is Beyond the Beehive referring tot he sexy beehive hairdos she and her siste r and cousin wore in the Ronettes in the sixties which I am still a fan of today.



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I'm a politically conservative person, happily married to a wonderful wife. I enjoy hearing other opinions and sharing my thoughts with others so feel free to respond to any of my blogs here.. I also enjoy goood movies especially sci-fi and westerns of the 30's to sixities. I also enjoy c&w music and oldies from the 50's and 60's and anything nostalgic
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