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Remember the Wiki Leaks? That hacker group from Norway who hacked into the Pentagon and released classified information to the public? The media hailed them as heroes and film maker Michael Moron said they should be given the nobel prize. Well after several more hacks  the media was giving them plenty of attention until they hacked into a liberal environmental network and uncovered hundreds of scientists sending e-mails to each other stating how much money they could make convincing the public on global warming. Then the silence from the rmedia was deafening. Just a thought……..A reporter for the movie website RottenTomatoes gave the Batman movie a terrible review (I disagree by the way  s noticed in my previous blog) and he received so many death threats that the site shut down threi rmessge board. Meanwhile the one who should get death threats is this so called comedian David Cook in L.A. who said “This movie is such a bunch of crap  that they said the shooter walked in 20 minutes after the movie started and started shooting. The movie is such a bunch of crap that even if their was no shooter someone should have stood up after twenty minutes and said ‘just shoot me’ .” That is the epitome in bad taste to me and not funny yet this audience applauded him albeit nervously. I wonder what would happen if he said that in front of the victim’s families. I wonder if he received any death threats or if someone confronted him afterwrds. I saw plenty of attacks on the message boards under the article………….I was reading an article about the flags on the moon left by the astronauts are still standing which was a fascinating read with pictures. That should prove to the skeptics that say the moon ;andings were faked. I think they saw that movie too many times. 😀 Anyway a debate ensued on the message boards about the democratic president presided over what moon landing and I noticed this interesting respoonse from a commenter.:D Not a Democrat by today’s standards. But of course, the Democratic Party, which gave us the founding of the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow laws, poll taxes, literacy taxes, blacks riding in the backs of buses, segregated water fountains and restrooms, not to mention having to have the military called upon them to force them to allow black children into white schools, multiple votes against civil rights legislation up until the 1960s, where they were shamed by Republicans into finally giving in to the fact that black folks deserve the same access to services as white folks. The same Democratic Party which had SITTING MEMBERS of the KU KLUX KLAN all up til the end of the end of the 20th century (Robert Byrd, Al Gore’s dad, and dozens others). Let’s not forget FDR (the Democrat Party superhero) and his racist internment of Japanese Americans during WWII. You mean THAT Democratic Party? Oh yeah, that one.
The same Democratic Party (thank you President Obungo) who just KILLED NASA. The Chinese will be to the moon and back a dozen times before we even think of re-entering outer space. Dude…your post is so stupid and insipid, that we are ALL dumber for having read it.


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I'm a politically conservative person, happily married to a wonderful wife. I enjoy hearing other opinions and sharing my thoughts with others so feel free to respond to any of my blogs here.. I also enjoy goood movies especially sci-fi and westerns of the 30's to sixities. I also enjoy c&w music and oldies from the 50's and 60's and anything nostalgic
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