Last Vegas ;AReview


Last Vegas is a very cute and really funny comedy about four guys who grew up in Flatbush,Brookyn, N.Y. who call themselves The Flatbush Four.  Billy (Michael Douglas), Paddy (Robert DeNiro) Archie (MorganFreeman) and Sam (Kevin Kline) have been best friends since childhood “No one calls us names but us.” So when Billy, the group’s sworn bachelor finally proposes to a thirty two year old girlfriend he invites them to Las Vegas for a bachelor party and stop acting their age and relive the glory days. Kevin Kline is living in a Senior citizen development in Florida with his attractive wife, Morgan Freeman is living with his son and his family and Robert Deniro is living by himself after his wife recently passed away.

When they arrive they find that Sin City is testing their friendship in ways they never imagined and these four literally take over Vegas.  When they plan to leave Sam’s wife gives him a condom and Viagra  pill and a note that says “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and tells him to have a good time.  Archie who’s under strict watch by his son sneaks out a window and leaves a note saying he is” going on a church retreat and they are safe people. ” :D. Paddy is the only one reluctant to go because he and Billy have some issues he can’t forgive Billy for. Namely he and Billy once dated the same girl and Paddy ended up marrying her. When she passed Billy never showed up for the funeral even though Paddy’s  wife  requested   that he deliver the eulogy at her funeral.  Paddy can’t forgive him for that and now marrying someone half his age really upsets him so he sets out to convince him otherwise.

When they arrive in Vegas Archie bets his entire retirement pension of $20,000 all at once at the poker table and wins $102,000.It is then they decide to throw the party of a lifetime.

The film is loaded with lots of senior citizen gag lines such as when Sam ( Kevin Kline) is approached by a sexy young girl at the party who asks him if he has any drugs he replies, “Does Lipitor count?” or when Archie (Morgan Freeman)hears that Billy who is 69 is marrying a 32 year old he says, ”I have a hemorrhoid that’s 32.” 😀

During their stay they run across a gorgeous cabaret singer played by Mary Steenburgen who does her own singing in the film and naturally both Billy and Paddy fall for her and it starts all over again between them.

For a really entertaining time and great senior buddy flick that not only most seniors can identify with, but families too then Last Vegas is pure fun.


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