The King Enters His Fourth Quarter

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In an article from World Net Daily:
Outside his base of leftists and “low-information voters,” the current president is now widely regarded as being essentially untethered from reality. Before Christmas – prior to jetting off to Hawaii for another prolonged vacation – Obama, whose policies were massively repudiated at the polls just weeks earlier, proclaimed victory and declared 2014 a “breakthrough year” for America. Boasting of “more jobs, more people insured, a growing economy, shrinking deficits, bustling industry, booming energy,” he concluded: “Take any metric that you want. America’s resurgence is real. We are better off.”

Reality, of course, is quite the opposite. With an astonishing 92 million Americans now out of the workforce, the labor participation rate under Obama is at its lowest since the Carter “malaise” of 1978; Obamacare is causing the slow, agonizing death of the American healthcare system; the national debt is in outer space; America…

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